Salon: Opinion-Michael Lind- What if All Sides Are Wrong About Taxes?


Big Government

Source: Salon: Opinion-Michael Lind- What if All Sides Are Wrong About Taxes?.

If you don’t like Big Government, include me in that group. The difference being I don’t like all forms of Big Government. Which makes me different from Rick Santorum. And you don’t believe that Government should be overtaxing you and taking money you earned working. But you believe Government has to have certain revenue to do the things that only it can do. Or that the Private Sector can’t do as well, then your not only against the Income Tax. But you also believed that it should be repealed and replaced. With something thats pro Economic Growth and Economic Liberty. Something that encourages people to work hard and be productive and doesn’t tax those things. But still able to generate the resources that only it can do or do better. Then anyone else.

What I’m speaking in favor of is what I call a Progressive Consumption Tax to replace the Income Tax. Progressive because it would tax basic items that people need to survive. Housing, food, Healthcare etc, lower then it would tax Luxury Items. 2nd Homes, vacations, Luxury Autos etc. And it would also be Progressive, because it would tax people based on what they take out of society. Not what they contribute to society and that Low Income people would still get their. EITC or Earned Income Tax Credit, a PCT wouldn’t replace all taxes, just the Income Tax. I believe a PCT would generate less revenue then the current Income Tax. But I would do that on purpose. As I’m reforming the Federal Government to me more Cost Effective.

With a Progressive Income Tax, we would give American Workers the Freedom of Choice. To decide how much they would have to contribute to the Federal Government. Based on what they take out of society and stop taxing them based on what they contribute to society. And could eliminate a wasteful and over complicated Tax Code. That most people don’t understand and eliminate a lot of wasteful Tax Loopholes.


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