CBPP: Barbara Sard & Douglad Rice- President’s Budget Not Sufficient to Renew Rental Assistance


Great Society

CBPP: Barbara Sard & Douglas Rice- President’s Budget Not Sufficient to Renew Rental Assistance Fully for Low-Income Households

Imagine what Public Housing would look like in America. I’m not talking about getting rid of Public Housing. Because there’s clearly a need for it, as well as an economic need. We don’t want more homeless people in America. That would be another drain on the economy. We also don’t need more Low Income Low Skilled people in America. Again another economic drain on the economy. So we need Public Housing but we don’t need Uncle Sam running it and perhaps not even paying for it. At Tax Payers expense but you get the Feds out-of-the-way. Then we could allow the locals and Non Profits, the people on the ground to run Public Housing. Each City and County having their own version of Public Housing. So they can help the people they know the best.

Take the Feds out of the picture to run Public Housing and you eliminate a lot of Red Tape. Rules and Regulations and let each City and County deal with their own issues as they come up. As long as they meet basic Federal Standards and you make Public Housing Self Financed. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about Uncle Sam cutting Rental Assistance. Empower people who live in Public Housing, to become Self Sufficient, even if they are already working. By getting more education and Job Training. Job Placement so they can get a better job or a good job period. Then you would cut the need for Public Housing period, because less people would have to live their. Because they could get better homes and be able to pay for their housing on their own.

Public Housing like Homeless Assistance, should be run by Non Profits. We don’t need a Federal Public Housing Program. Let Non Profits in each City and County run their own Public Housing Programs. The people who are on the ground and know the people who need Rental Assistance. And we should make Public Housing Self Financed as well. Paid for by the residents and their employers. We would really only need the Feds to be a regulator. And provide a Tax Credit for Public Housing residents.


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