FRSFreeStates: “Should Joining a Union Be a Civil Right?”: The Importance of Organized Labor


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Should Joining a Union Be a Civil Right? | | AlterNet.

I don’t agree with Organize Labor on everything, they are bit to the left of me. And perhaps the Democratic Leadership as a whole. And politically probably are a better fit in the Democratic Socialist Party, Green Party of Progressive Party. But I agree with the core of their mission, which is to protect workers, or the Labor Class in America. And make sure that they are protected, paid for the work that they do. Aren’t abused and so fourth and if your a politician and you receive a lot of Political Contributions. From Corporate America, which I don’t have a problem with. As long as they are transparent but if you receive a lot of contributions from them. You don’t want Organize Labor to even exist most likely, unless you believe in things like Workers Rights as well.

Civil Right isn’t the language I would use to describe the Right to Organize. Unless you want to relate it to Freedom of Assembly, which is clearly part of the US Constitution. Because when your talking about Civil Rights, your basically talking about Constitutional Rights. And again unless you want to relate the Right to Organize with Freedom to Assemble. Which is clearly a Constitutional Right, then we are really talking about a Legal Right here. Which is important but can always be removed by law. The Right to Organize is necessary, basically to hold employers accountable. To be a check against them, not to assume that employers are bad. But to hold them accountable when  they act badly.

Without Organize Labor this country looks a lot different for the wrong reasons. I’m not saying workers should be forced to organize or that Non Union Members. Should even be forced to pay Union Dues and if they don’t. Then they shouldn’t get the benefits of serving in a Union either. But that they should have the option to make that decision for themselves. The Right to Organize is about Freedom of Choice that needs to be protected in America.

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