The Nation: Opinion-Michael Harrington- The Culture Of Poverty Can Lead to a Culture of Dependency


War on Poverty

Source: The Nation: Opinion-Michael Harrington-The Culture of Poverty Can Lead to Dependency

I’m all for helping people in poverty be able to survive while they are living in those conditions. As a Liberal I believe thats a good investment to make, if you do it in a way. That leads to those people getting out of poverty. Finishing their education, furthering their education, helping them get a good job. So they can get themselves off of Public Assistance. But I believe we should only be helping the people who don’t want to live in poverty. Who are looking for a hand up not a hand out. An opportunity to get themselves out of poverty through the investments I just laid out. And thats exactly what they are investments, to help these people. Get off of Public Assistance, so they can start paying into these programs. Instead of collecting from them and join the Working Class and becoming productive people in the economy.

What I’m not for is giving people money and not expecting anything from them in return. Other then helping them survive in poverty but not doing anything for them. So they can get themselves out of poverty, essentially just giving up on them. And allowing them to stay on Public Assistance indefinitely, and not do anything to get off of Public Assistance. Not looking for work, not looking for a better job, not going back to school. Not furthering their education, just allowing them to stay in their current economic condition indefinitely. Because when you do that, you create what’s been called a “Culture of Dependency”. And you create generations of people who live off of Public Assistance . One following another.

Public Assistance should be exactly that, helping people in their time of need. Better themselves so they no longer need Public Assistance. No longer need other people taking care of them. Because they are now Self Sufficient and can take care of themselves. Public Assistance is not about living off of people who work for a living and pay their own bills. You want to encourage people to work hard, be productive and be successful. Not jump on Public Assistance, believing their needs will be taken care of. By people who work for a living for the rest of their lives.


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