FRSFreeStates: What You Need to Know About Premium Support: Taking Freedom of Choice away from Senior Citizens

What You Need to Know About Premium Support — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

The problem with Premium Support with Medicare the plan developed by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Ron Wyden. A Republican and Democrat, is that it takes Freedom of Choice away from Senior Citizens. In how they get their Health Insurance. By taking traditional Medicare away from them. And giving them a voucher, that probably wouldn’t cover their Healthcare Costs. To use to be spent on Private Health Insurance, so even if they like Medicare. And are comfortable on Medicare and can afford it. They would still be forced out of Medicare and into the Private Health Insurance Market. Whether they want that or not, forcing them off of Medicare and into Private Health Insurance. With a voucher that wouldn’t cover their costs.

If this was a real Medicare Reform plan that was designed to cut the costs of Medicare. Without hurting anyone that can’t afford it. But also designed to provide competition to Medicare. Like giving Senior Citizens and workers who aren’t Senior Citizens yet. A choice to stay in Medicare or choose Private Health Insurance instead. Using the money that they would’ve had for Medicare on Private Health Insurance. As well as for workers who aren’t Senior Citizens yet, the option to pay into Medicare. To use Medicare as their Health Insurance. Or just being able to stay on Medicare, then this plan would’ve had Bi Partisan support. Not from the Progressive Caucus but Liberal Democrats like Sen. Ron Wyden, perhaps Sen. John Kerry and Sen. Chuck Schumer. Might be willing to support that.

The Ryan-Wyden plan is not designed to pass this Congress. They don’t have the votes and I think they know that. Its designed to be used as a Campaign Issue for Congressional Republicans to run on this year. And with Democratic Senator Ron Wyden supporting this the Ryan plan. The Ryan-Wyden plan, it makes their job a little easier.


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