FRSFreeStates: “Can Obamacare be saved?”: What Progressives would do instead


Medicare For All

Can Obamacare be saved?.

Some Democrats are looking at the possibility of the Individual Mandate. Being thrown out and the possibility of the broader Affordable Care Act being thrown out as well, as a victory. Because they see it as something they can use to rally their base. Look the Supreme Court has screwed us again, even though they would probably use a stronger word. We have to reelect President Obama to make sure we don’t have another Republican Justice appointed. And that could happen, I wouldn’t put any money on that. I think a victory is a better politically and something that Democrats can run on. Like the popular previsions of the ACA. The Patients Bill of Rights to use as an example. The Tax Credit to help buy Health Insurance, the Insurance Exchange. So people can find the Health Insurance plan thats best for them.

If the ACA were to get thrown out all together and thats a real possibility. The ACA right now is hanging by Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy. And Roberts might be a better bet at this point. He looks like the most open minded Conservative in this case right now. Then this would be a big victory for Progressives. Who don’t like the ACA, because it doesn’t have a Public Option in it. Which is just their Plan B, or Single Payer Medicare for all. They’ll argue we can’t have the Individual Mandate. So we must force everyone on to Medicare and eliminate the Private Insurance Industry by force. Even if people like their current Health Insurance. We have to do this so everyone is paying for their share of their Healthcare Costs.

So if the broader Affordable Care Act is struck down, which might be better then 50-50 right now. Look for Progressives, especially Progressive Democrats. Especially if the President is reelected this year, to make a strong push for Medicare For All. In the next Congress, because if the President is reelected. Then Democrats will once again take on Healthcare Reform in the next Congress. Especially if the ACA is thrown out.


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