FRSFreeStates: “Five Ways to Avoid Getting Busted for Pot”: How about Ending the War on Drugs Instead


Big Government

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Busted for Pot | | AlterNet.

The best way to avoid getting caught for using or possessing pot. Is to end the failed War on Drugs, which is represents one reason. Why a lot of the World sees us as stupid, look at these guys. They arrest people for smoking or possessing pot, don’t they have other problems and issues to deal with. Th answer is of course we do, we treat a drug like marijuana as a narcotic. Even though its less dangerous then tobacco, which is probably the worst Legal Drug we have in America. With all the diseases that are linked to it, with Lung Cancer being just one of them. What good comes from tobacco, well if you like it, it might make you feel better. It might relax you but you pay a hell of a heavy price for using it.

The consequences that come from marijuana, are they make you high and hungry. Unless your behind a wheel and doing something that requires a clear mind. Thats nothing that you can’t overcome without serious damage as a result. If your a long time smoker or drinker and become addicted to one or the other. Your looking at Lung Cancer, Liver Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes and others. The reason why marijuana is illegal in this country. Has to do with politics, Public Officials scared to death about looking Soft on Crime. And from the Alcohol and Tobacco Industries. Scared to death about the competition, that would come from a Marijuana Industry. Thats what this is about.

Punishing people for what they do to themselves. Is not the way to stop people from doing what you disapprove of. Especially if you allow other activities that are more dangerous. But if you legalize these activities and again I’m talking about how people live their own lives. Not what they do to other people, then you  can make these activities as safe as possible. Through regulation and taxation.


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