AlterNet: Opinion-Joshua Holland-Understanding The Ideological Divide Between Liberals and Conservatives

Source: AlterNet: Opinion- Joshua Holland-Understanding The Ideological Divide Between Liberals and Conservatives

If you ask me why I’m a Liberal, I’ll tell you because I believe in Individual Liberty. Liberal Democracy, Limited Government, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. That Americans have the Constitutional Right to live their own lives. As we see fit, as long as we are not hurting anyone with what we are doing. You might think well that sounds Libertarian, especially if your a Progressive or Neoconservative. Who has more of a collectivist approach to life, rather then individualist approach. Who believes certain activities have to be illegal, even if people aren’t hurting anyone. With what they are doing, in order to protect society as a whole. If your a real Conservative, not a Neoconservative or a Theocrat. Like someone like Bill Buckley, your a Conservative for similar reasons. That I’m a Liberal, that Liberty has to be conserved or protected. Which is what Conservatism is about.

If you pay attention to the “Mainstream Media” and watch the Talking Heads. The Political Pundits and your not sure what Liberalism and Conservatism is. You might believe that Liberalism is about Big Government and high taxes. Government taking your money from you in order to take care of you. Why because the “Mainstream Media” doesn’t understand what Liberalism is generally. And if you watch the same “Mainstream Media”, you might believe that Conservatism is about Big Bother, which is another way of saying Big Government. Telling you how to live your life, who you can sleep with, who you can marry. What drugs you can use, what Church to go to. Who’s a Real American and who’s Un American etc.

But the fact is, Liberalism and Conservatism have more in common with each other. Then what we disagree with, which is why one is Center Left and the other is Center Right. Because these are the two closest Political Ideologies, on the Political Spectrum. Are differences are more to do with how we look at life. Liberals tend to me more open minded and Conservatives tend to look at the World as black and white. Right and wrong but we both believe in Individual Liberty. Limited Government, US Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are both anti Big Government, we both believe in Fiscal Responsibility. American Capitalism, the individual, strong defense, we both tend to be Internationalist on Foreign Policy but with different approaches.

Had President Kennedy not been assassinated in 1963 by Lee Oswald. The 1964 Presidential Campaign would’ve had a Conservative Republican. In Barry Goldwater, Senator from Arizona, the Challenger. Against a Liberal Democrat in Jack Kennedy the Incumbent. And America would’ve really gotten to see what Conservatism and Liberalism are actually about. We got to see that to a certain extent in 1996 Bob Dole against Bill Clinton. But because of the death of President Kennedy, America was denied a great Conservative vs Liberal Presidential Campaign.


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