FRSFreeStates: “How to Advance Progressive Causes”: What Progressives should be looking at in 2012 and in the Future

How to Advance Progressive Causes: Stop With the Media-Speak and Build Trust Among the “Unprofessional Left” | AlterNet.

A big reason why the Democratic Party won the 2008 and 2006 elections. And came damn close to winning the 2000 elections. In the House, Senate and Presidency, was because we voted, the entire party voted. Liberals, Progressives, Blue Dogs, we all showed up to the polls. Because we knew if we didn’t, Republicans would win. And put at risk everything we’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Which is what’s happening in States right now. That are traditionally Democratic, like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. But now under Neoconservative Republican control. And they are looking at eliminating Workers Rights and the Right to Organize. And in Michigan, with Governor Scott Snyder. taking it a step farther. By attempting to centralize all the power with the Executive Mansion. A Neoconservative Dream, thats what happens when Democrats don’t vote.

The best thing at this point that Progressive Democrats can do to. Advance their movement in 2012, is show up, work and vote for their party. In order to protect everything they’ve worked so hard to accomplish in the future. And to have any opportunity to advance things they want to do in the future. Like Nationalize Healthcare, Higher Education, a 21st Century New Deal etc. And then down the road look at forming their own party. That better represents their movement, join the Progressive Party. Bring in the Democratic Socialists and Greens. If they are still uncomfortable with being Democrats. Because they don’t believe we are “Progressive enough”.

At this point, whether your a Liberal Democrat such as myself. A Progressive Democrat or a Blue Dog Democrat, the number one priority. Has to be defeating Republicans, to prevent the Tea Party and Neoconservatives. From once again running this country and that means working, showing up and voting Democratic.


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