FRSFreeStates: A Drug Policy for the 21st Century: New Baby Steps in the Right Direction

It is true that Drug Addiction is a health problem not a crime problem but the whole problem with the. War on Drugs is that we punish people for what they do to themselves. Rather then what they do to each other and we give them Criminal Records. Again for what they do to themselves, sorta like a punishing their kid. For bringing home a bad Report Card, the kid is only hurting them self. With the bad Report Card. Heroin and cocaine do lead to other crimes being committed. Because once people are high or addicted to heroin or cocaine. They end up committing other crimes, mainly to support their drug habits. But you can make the same argument and the same things happen to people. Who drink alcohol and smoke tobacco, tobacco probably being the worst Legal Drug we have right now. Its worse then marijuana and more diseases are linked to tobacco then marijuana.

What we need to do with drugs in America, is have a balanced approach. That stops punishing people for what they do to themselves. Stops throwing Drug Addicts in prison but gets them in private Drug Rehab at their expense instead. And stops arresting people for simple Drug Possession and save our jails and prisons. For real criminals, people who are a threat to society.
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