FRSFreeStates: “Why Are Prisoners Committing Suicide in Pennsylvania?”: How to Deal with Challenging Inmates


The Hole

Why Are Prisoners Committing Suicide in Pennsylvania? | The Nation.

We have a lot of Prison Inmates in America, perhaps in the thousands. Who are Mentally Challenged, either are Drug Addicts or are in the wrong institution. Perhaps should be State Hospitals instead where they can get the help they need. But  they are still dangerous even to themselves and need to be confined in Protective Custody. And what we do with a lot of them, instead of getting them the help that they need. Since they are dangerous, we automatically assume they have. Anger Management issues or are just plain evil and have to be confine by themselves. And we lock them up where we would lock up our regular dangerous inmates. People who are violent and have been in a lot of trouble. But perhaps don’t have mental issues. Other then a bad temper and lack maturity.

What we should be doing with our Mentally Challenged inmates. Is get them into Mental Hospitals or the Mental Health Wards. Where they can get the help that they need and then find a way to pay for it. Which would save very valuable and limited space in our Solitary Confinement cells. For the people who need to be there, as well as reforming how we deal. With our Solitary Confinement inmates and get them the help that they need. So they don’t have to stay in these very strict settings indefinitely. Get them help for their Violent Tendencies and help them maintain their. Mental Stability while they are in Solitary Confinement. So they have things they can do while in lockdown. And incentive to get themselves out of there.

We shouldn’t be having any Prison Inmates committing suicide. That should be obvious and when they do that, its because Prison Officials. Weren’t aware of their Mental Condition and giving them the services they need. To avoid committing suicide and we can and need to do much better then that. In the future.

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