FRSFreeStates: “The False Choice of National Defense Versus Helping the Poor”: How to do both

The False Choice of National Defense Versus Helping the Poor — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Its true that trying to decide whether you should defend the country. Or helping the poor is a False Choice, if you do those things correctly. You spend the money that you need to defend the United States and spend that money wisely. You don’t spend that money defending Developed Nations. Like Europe, Saudi Arabia, Korea and Japan. And not spending money on No Bid Contracts, not getting ourselves involved in areas. That aren’t our concern and actually fighting terrorism where it is and defeating them. Rather then expanding the National Security State. And targeting Americans that aren’t a threat to National Security. And when it comes to poverty, actually helping people. Get themselves out of poverty and not leaving them there indefinitely. And continuing to collect from these programs and having an Education System. That gives students the skills that they need, to not have to live in poverty.

You take all of our Social Insurance programs that are designed to help people in poverty. And for the most party, except for TANF and Unemployment Insurance. To a certain extent they are really only designed. To help sustain people while they are still living in poverty. They aren’t really designed to help these people get out of poverty. But you design all of them to help them get out of poverty. Through things like education, Job Training and Job Placement. Including things like Public Housing, getting those residents back in school and in Job Training. Help them get a job or a better job. So they don’t have to live in Public Housing. You would make all of these programs more affordable. Because less people would need them and be collecting from them for a shorter amount of time.

Public Assistance or National Security is a False Choice. The fact is we have to do both of them. To protect the country, to cut down on our Poverty Rate, thats pushing 20%. Thanks to the “Great Recession”, to have the strongest economy we can. Its not a matter of which we choose but how we choose to do both of them. That defends the country and so we can have the strongest economy possible moving forward.


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