AlterNet: Scott Morgan- Why President Obama’s War on Pot Won’t Win Him Votes


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AlterNet: Scott Morgan- Why President Obama’s War on Pot Won’t Win Him Votes

All and all considering the hand that President Obama was dealt. When becoming President, I’ve think he’s done a very good job. And is still the favorite to be reelected and there’s a 95% chance or more. I’ll vote for him for reelection and I’ll explain what I mean by that later. I’ve been with the President on Economic and Foreign Policy. Its Social Issues and National Security as well as the War on Drugs. Where I’ve ben disappointed with him. Where he hasn’t been different then President Bush but if anything has been more authoritarian on these issues. It’s not the Economic and Foreign Policies, that could cost him with votes. Amongst Democrats and young voters, where we tend to agree. With the President but its been some of these National Security issues. Like the Patriot Act that extended as well as Indefinite Detention. As well as the War on Drugs, where young voters such as myself tend to be Liberal to Libertarian. That could cost the President in November.

For President Obama to be reelected President, he has to win Independent Voters by a majority. The Democratic Party has to turn out and work for him. That means a lot of young voters showing up and working for the President. These people who tend to be Liberal to Libertarian. And when you push things like the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention. And push the War on Drugs farther than your predecessor. Who was a Neoconservative Republican and you push crackdowns. On Medical Marijuana, things like this can cost you votes. With people you need to vote and work for you, for you to get reelected. With an improving economy and thanks to Mitt Romney, I believe President Obama. Will be in good shape with Independent Voters. The question is with young people and will they show up and work for him.

If the Presidential Election turns out to be another 50-50 nail biter. Where we don’t know who wins the Election until Wednesday Morning. There’s a 100% chance I’ll vote for the President. But here’s a wild card, you have a Liberal Libertarian. Who to me anyway looks like a Liberal Democrat on paper. Who’ll be the Libertarian Nominee for President. In Gary Johnson, who has no real shot of being elected President. But what he could do is pull votes away from the President in some Swing States. From young people who don’t like the Patriot Act, don’t like Indefinite Detention, hate the War on Drugs. Some of the reasons why they voted for Barack Obama in 2008. But since has continued those policies. That could cost the President some votes.

Again if the Presidential Election is a nail biter, I’m with the President. But if the President is winning by 5-8 points looking to win  thirty plus States. I’m voting for Gary Johnson, as a Protest Vote against President Obama. With the War on Drugs being one issue.


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One Response to AlterNet: Scott Morgan- Why President Obama’s War on Pot Won’t Win Him Votes

  1. LibertarianGirl says:

    Isfthe media starts reporting on Johnson’s socially liberal/tolerant stance (pro-gay marriage where Obama is not and doing nothing to get rid of DOMA) and that Johnson has 21 ACLU torches and Obama only has 16, liberals who hoped Obama was their guy will realize they were duped and will look to Johnson, especially since Johnson holds good to his promises as recorded by his actions as governor and Obama has done nothing but gone back on his word on nearly all promises.

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