CBPP: Edwin Park and Matt Broaddus- House Bill Would Cut Medicaid Funding for Puerto Rico by About $5.5 Billion


Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

CBPP: Edwin Park and Matt Broaddus- House Bill Would Cut Medicaid Funding for Puerto Rico by About $5.5 Billion Through 2019.

For decades Puerto Ricans, whether they live in Puerto Rico or Continental America. Have been debating whether they should stay a Commonwealth. Become the 51st State in the United States, which would be a disaster for the Republican Party. But that’s probably for a different blog or become an Independent Nation. With House Republicans apparently ready to cut the Federal Government’s share of its Medicaid Costs. Which is already and Unfunded Mandate and effects Puerto Rico just as badly as that would affect Florida. Or any other State in the Union, because these State Governments or the Commonwealth Government. In Puerto Rico has to make up the difference that Uncle Sam doesn’t pay for. Even though Uncle Sam wrote the Medicaid Law. So they are violating their own law.

If the Federal Government doesn’t come up with its share of the Medicaid Costs. For Puerto Rico, that would then open up an opportunity for Puerto Rico. Assuming they are considering becoming a State or becoming an Independent Nation. They have a Conservative Governor, a real Conservative not a Neoconservative. With or without Medicaid and especially without Medicaid. Puerto Rico would have an opportunity to develop its own Healthcare System. And they would have several options, that their Public Officials and people could consider. Similar to what Arizona did with Immigration Reform, even though I disagree with that law. Uncle Sam is not doing its job, we’ll fill in that gap in Arizona on Illegal Immigration. Puerto Rico could fill in the gap on Health Insurance.

Puerto Rico now has an opportunity to set up a Public/Private Healthcare System. Where they could develop their own Public Option. To replace Medicaid and cover its entire population. If all Puerto Ricans decide to take the Public Option. Or they could choose to have a Private Health Insurance System and have things like Tax Credits. For people who can’t afford Health Insurance, which is basically what Germany has. As well as a Patient Bill of Rights. Or they could go the Single Payer route which is what Vermont is doing. But with Uncle Sam not paying its share of the bill. It would actually give Puerto Rico options in how to pay for its Healthcare. That could piss off Uncle Sammy if they come up with a better system.

I’m almost always against Unfunded Mandates but in a case like this. Or where the Federal Government doesn’t deliver with its responsibility to secure the borders. It’s easy to see why States would want to try to fix the problems as it relates to them on its own. And with the Feds cutting its share of Medicaid again, this would give them another opportunity. To try their own approach and decentralize a bloated Federal Government.


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