The North Star: A Ron Paul Strategy for Socialists: How Social-Democrats Could be a Political Force in America



Source: The North Star: A Ron Paul Strategy for Socialists.

Not that I’m a Socialist or Social-Democrat or a Democratic-Socialist. I’m especially not a Communist but as a Liberal-Democrat who views Socialism in whatever the form as the Progressive alternative to Liberalism where I am as part of the Center-Left in America. Parts of this strategy as far as what Socialists need to do in America to become a major force, is spot on. That they need one party, instead of being spread all over several different Leftists parties in America. The Center-Left Democratic Party and Progressive-Socialist parties who are further to the left of the Liberal-Democrats. As far as I’m concern Social-Democrats and forget about the Communists but Social-Democrats who do believe in a certain level of Democracy. Need to make a political decision, takeover the Democratic Party, which is a real long shot. Or put together one party that large enough to compete against Democrats and Republicans, as well as Libertarians.

Whatever you think of Ron Paul, his strategy has worked which was about getting the message of Libertarianism out. And he new to do that was through the largest right wing party in America. Whatever you think of the Republican Party thats what they were. That he needed a voice and the ability to attract money and attention to sell is campaign and bring it attention. I don’t believe he ever expected to be elected President of the United States especially from a Theocratic-Neconservative party that the Republicans have become. But he wanted to create a party and place for Conservative-Libertarians to call home and new that the Republican Party was the best and biggest home for them. Considering how small the Libertarian Party still is in America.

What Progressive-Socialists need in America is their own home, their own party. That will fight for their agenda and their politics and being spread out over 5-6 different parties, including the Democratic Party. Is not going to accomplish that because instead of Progressives competing against Republicans and Democrats. They end up competing against each other. Greens competing against Democratic-Socialists from the Democratic Socialist Party, as well as Democrats and Republicans. As well as Progressive-Democrats who are with them ideologically but are Democrats for political reasons in order to get elected and reelected.

If Progressive-Democrats combine with the Greens and Democratic-Socialists, as well as any other Social-Democratic party in America. Now you got something that may represent 1-20% of the country starting out and the better they are able to communicate their message and bring more Americans to their side. The faster they’ll be able to grow and actually win elections at the Federal, state and local levels.


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