Salon: Opinion- David Sirota- How to Turn a State Liberal: How to Expand The Democratic Party in America

Mount Democratic

Mount Democratic

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeStates.

Anyone whose a Democrat and I am proud to be a Democrat myself. Should be happy with the state of the Democratic Party and where we are today and with not only where the Democratic Party is today. But with the changing demographics with where the Democratic Party is headed in the future. We control the White House, we control the upper chamber in Congress meaning the Senate with a solid 55-45 majority and even though Republican still control the House. Most of the bills that have been passed by the 113th Congress so far have been Democratic bills like the Violence Against Women Act. And the immigration bill that will probably be passed by the summer out of both chambers of Congress will look Democratic as well. But being happy and being satisfied are two different things.

There are not only more Democrats then Republicans in America but there are Republicans who are in power in Democratic states. Meaning that the Democratic Party is simply underrepresented as far as the amount of power that we have in this country. Democrats control most of the power in the Federal Government. Republicans control 30-50 governorships and a solid majority of state legislatures as well. And Democrats could win back the U.S. House of Representatives with they now are politically at the state level but to keep control of the House long term. Lets say 8-12 years something in that neighborhood. They are simply going to have to be better represented at the state level controlling more state houses so there aren’t as many Republican looking House districts in the future.

If Democrats controlled more state houses especially in Democratic leaning states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Nevada to use as examples. The right to organize doesn’t get abolished, bogus voter ID laws that are basically just designed to prevent Democrats from voting doesn’t get passed. More infrastructure investment and tax cuts for middle class and small business’s get passed. Real education reform that empowers parents and families to be able to send their kids to good schools and not be stuck in bad schools gets passed. More job training for the unemployed and low income workers gets passed so they can get themselves good jobs. All of these things happen if you put Liberal-Democrats in power similar to what’s going on in New York and Maryland right now.

The Democratic path back to power is a social-Liberal message that not only appeals to young voters who tend to be Liberal-Libertarian anyway. I’m a perfect example of that but also an economic-Liberal message thats about economic opportunity and economic freedom and expanding those things to people who do not current have it. Unemployed people and low income workers through things like infrastructure investment, job training and education reform that empower students and their families to be able to send their kids to the school thats right for them. Not having to go to the school based on where they live where we would have public schools literally competing against each other. Thats how Democrats win back states they should they should already be in power.

The Liberal-Democratic message should be about expanding freedom both social and economic, not expanding government and taxes and doing it in a fiscally responsible way. Thats how Liberal-Democrats win back the states that should be in Democratic control anyway.


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