NFL Films: NFL 1979- Baltimore Colts Highlights

Baltimore Colts
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus

The Colts were already in decline in Baltimore by 1979 even though they still had pretty good talent at least on offense. QB Bert Jones and RB Joe Washington in the same backfield and Roger Carr, Don McCauley to throw the ball to. But there was a big reason why Bert Jones only played nine seasons for the Colts. He couldn’t stay healthy, but when he was healthy, he was about as good as any QB in the NFL in the 1970s. And had he stayed healthy the Colts are perhaps still a playoff team in the late 1970s and into the 1980s and perhaps the fortunes change in Baltimore. And Baltimore is more open to building the Colts a new stadium which they definitely needed. As great as home field advantage as Baltimore Memorial Stadium was, it was a financial hole that needed to be replaced.
NFL Films: NFL 1979- Baltimore Colts Highlights


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