Center For World in Balance: Reverend Jesse Jackson at Occupy Wall Street


img_9709Source: Center For World in Balance: Reverend Jesse Jackson at Occupy Wall Street 

I’m sure there are some people who believe that Occupy Wall Street came into existence in the fall of 2011. When Progressive groups protested against Wall Street and corporations. Well that’s when the name Occupy Wall Street came into existence, but the movement itself perhaps under different names has been around since the mid to late 1960s and came to life as the pro-welfare-state, anti-war and law enforcement aggression movement. And believed that it’s the job of government to take care of people especially economically with all sorts of government programs.

But there’s a movement lets call it the prohibition movement or the paternalistic movement, what I like to call the Mike Bloomberg wing of the Democratic Party as well as other leftist parties, that not only believes it’s the job of government to take care of people economically, but socially or culturally as well. And believe in prohibition, things like junk food and soft drinks, eating meat all together, hate speech, religion, to use as examples. All of these things would be outlawed if the leftist-statists came to power in America. Or that’s what they would try to do.

There use to be what I call the FDR/LBJ wing of the Democratic Party. Progressive-Democrats who believed that America needed to be strong at home as well as abroad. A strong growing economy producing good jobs and so-forth, a strong welfare-state to take care of people. But that were liberal-internationalists on foreign policy and national security. That we needed to be strong abroad as well with a strong military and strong law enforcement capabilities at home. This wing or what’s left of it in the Democratic Party created what’s called the national security state or NSS at home.

That the New-Left in America not part of the FDR/LBJ coalition of the Democratic Party, tends to be against and speak out against that they call the military industrial complex. A term that was coined but President Dwight D. Eisenhower and want a much softer and dovish approach to national security, foreign policy and law enforcement in America. What I like and respect about Reverend Jesse Jackson is that even though we are from different wings of the Democratic Party and he comes from the New-Left wing when it comes to economic and foreign policy, that he’s a true American Patriot. That he loves America enough to tell it when it’s not doing well so it can do better in the future. Which is what he was doing in this speech saying that it wasn’t “morning in America again” for all Americans.


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