Thom Hartmann: Margaret Thatcher & Ronald Reagan- “What You Need to Know”: What Progressives Do Not Like About Thatcher/Reagan-Conservatism



Source: Thom Hartmann: Margaret Thatcher & Ronald Reagan- What You Need to know

I’m not going to write about what Margaret Thatcher’s policies and the impact that they had on the United Kingdom. But more about what her Conservative political-philosophy along with Ronald Reagan in the United States and how they effected the two main Leftist-parties in Britain and America. How they effected the Labour Party in Britain and the Democratic Party in America and if you want a. Preview, Maggie Thatcher from the Conservatives equals Tony Balir of the Labours in the late 1990s. And in American Ronnie Reagan from the Republicans equals Bill Clinton from the Democrats in. The early 1990s because it forced the Labour and Democratic leaderships to rethink and reform their. Economic-policies in order to get back into power and so Brits and Americans no longer believe or at least. Enough of them no longer believe that these are two Socialist-parties who think they know best how people should live their own lives. And that governments job to take care of them rather then empowering people to take care of themselves. The ladder being the dominant Leftist economic policy in both countries in the 1990s.

To know about Maggie Thatcher’s Conservative-philosophy, you have to know what the situation was in Britain economically in the late 1970s. Both when Lady Thatcher was still Leader of the Opposition and to the point the became Prime Minster of the United Kingdom in 1979. And how that opened up a big opportunity for the British-Conservatives to say. Look Socialism is clearly not working the economy is in such a huge mess with so many people unemployed and so many other people even. Working but not making enough money to make ends meat and in need of public-assistance in order to survive. And it gave Conservatives an opportunity to say this is not working, we need more people working and paying their own bills. So we can get this economy going again, government can’t shouldn’t take care of everyone and allow for us to have a strong economy and be able to pay down. Our debt and deficit, we need to move away from Socialism an government knows best and empower. More people to be able to take care of themselves.

However much credit you want to give Prime Minister Thatcher and President Reagan for the economic booms in Britain and in America in the 1980s. Enough people gave them the credit for it to force the Labour Party and the Democratic Party to rethink and reform their own economic policies. Which is how Bill Clinton and Tony Blair come to power in the both countries in the 1990s with a new. Economic-policy of that its not the job of government to take care of people who otherwise can take care of themselves. But just need to an opportunity to be able to do that and what government should do instead. Is empower physically and mentally able people to be able to take care of themselves instead.


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