New York Times: Editorial Board- Mental Illness in California Prisons: How to Prevent Future Tragedies

Source: The New York Times: Editorial Board- Mental Illness in Prison

When people are convicted of crimes and sent to prison, it then becomes the responsibility of the state. Whatever the level of government to assume the responsibilities to looking after for the welfare of those people. And to see that their basic needs are met. Not have them live in paradise but for them to have a basic humane life. With adequate housing, food, healthcare and so forth so they are not subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. People are not supposed to want to be in prison but for the people that we must have in prison because they represent a serious threat to. Society the state has the duty to look after their personal welfare. And when we continue to lose inmates to suicide or are housing people in prison that belong in mental institutions. Prison mental institutions even, the state is not meeting its responsibilities to look after the personal. Welfare of their inmates and subjecting its inmates to cruel and unusual punishment.

Prisons are expensive especially in these tough economic and budget times. I get that and they’ll require more resources upfront to make them humane so no prison inmate is subjected to. Cruel and unusual punishment and I’m not asking for more money from tax-payers up front who are already. Strapped for cash as of right now to finance this but it’s going to take more resources up front. If we are going to have a real corrections-system in America and not a place that warehouses people. And hopes we do not lose people to tragedies but having a real corrections-system that’s also cost-effective. And doesn’t take so much money out of general tax-revenue that would otherwise go to infrastructure or schools or something. And this means we reëxamine how we fund prisons in America and instead look for ways that prison can fund themselves. Even as it relates to healthcare including mental-healthcare so we can prevent future tragedies in prison.

I’m not talking about privatizing prisons because I’m against that and you’ll see why in the future on this blog. But I’m talking about a way to self-finance prisons in this country by putting inmates to work in real jobs in real prison-enterprises. Similar to what they do in Texas and Louisiana and to a certain extent in California. Where inmates would get and education and real job in prison so they can pay for their cost of living. Even as it relates to healthcare and mental-healthcare.
Vice News: Institutionalized- Mental Health Behind Bars


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