MC American President Video: President Lyndon Johnson: Joint Session of Congress: Speech on Voting Rights: 1965

Civil Rights President

Civil Rights President

President Lyndon Johnson – Speech on Voting Rights – YouTube.

This was really Lyndon Johnson at his best and I’m not sure any other American politician could give a speech. About civil-rights as well or better then President Lyndon Johnson because he got to the whole core of the movement. Which was about civil-rights but really equal-rights for all and that all Americans should be treated equally under law. Because all Americans have the same constitutional-rights under law which means government can’t under the U.S. Constitution. Discriminate against anyone based on race to use as an example and not deny us our rights under law based on race. Which is why the 1964 Civil-Rights Act was so important, why the 1965 Voting-Rights Act was so important and why the 1968 Fair-Housing Law was so important. Because Americans were being denied their civil-rights under law in America. Simply because of their race and complexion and for no legitimate reason.


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