GoleFFTV: Video: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: How to Save American Democracy: How to Protect Freedom in America

Democratic Activist

Democratic Activist

RFK, Jr: How To Save American Democracy – YouTube.

When you are talking about Democracy and how to save it. Well thats a good discussion to have because we should always be looking to protect Democracy in America. And not move to some type of an Authoritarian-State. But that should and I would argue never can be the only discussion. You also need to know what type of Democracy you are trying to protect and what type of Democracy you. Are in favor of because there are several forms of Democracy and America has one of those types of Democracies. There’s Liberal-Democracy which America is for the most part even though I wish we were an even more Liberal form of Democracy. Which is the type fo Democracy I advocate for on a regular basis and what is that exactly. Liberal-Democracy to use a 1960s phrase is power to the people. Not to the corporations or other private institutions or to the government but power to the people. To be able to govern themselves and be able to live their own lives and make their own decision with. Their own lives as long as they aren’t hurting other peoples freedom to live their own lives. We are not hurting innocent people basically.

Then there’s what’s called Majoritarian-Democracy and California is a perfect example of that. And I do not need another one because the biggest state in the union is a Majoritarian-Democracy. Where basically all decisions in California are done by majoritarian-rule. Basically if there’s enough support for a proposal to become law and the people who are in favor of this do not have the. Support to get their proposal passed through the state-legislature. Supporters of this proposal can get their proposal on the ballot and let the people decide for themselves if that proposal should. Become law or not and it could be a Liberal proposal, a Conservative proposal, a Socialist proposal , a Libertarian proposal, a Theocratic proposal. If it gets more then fifty percent of the vote then it becomes law in California. Then you have Social-Democracy which is a Socialist form of Democracy thats common in Scandinavia. Where the Federal Government would take on more responsibility to see that everyone lives a quality life. But what the people would lose in return is freedom to make our own decisions and not just economic but personal in some cases as well.

So like I said what I want is a Liberal-Democracy in America which in a lot of cases is still the most Liberal country in the world. When it comes to individual-freedom, I just wish we were even more Liberal with more freedom for individuals. And to do that we need to contract ignorance to the point that hopefully someday we could eliminate it all together. So we are not seeing all of these proposals from the Far-Right or Far-Left in America that would weaken our freedoms or our. Constitution and to do that you need a better education system in America. A universal education system in America where everyone is empowered with the knowledge and skills to be independent and. Successful on their own and have the freedom to live their own lives, again as long as they. Aren’t hurting someone else’s freedom to live their own lives. But as they have these skills they also have the knowledge to know that people of other racial or ethnic or sexual, or national or. Religious or regional backgrounds aren’t bad people just because they are different. But in most cases are good people just like you but are just different from you.

We expand knowledge and education in America and then we would be able to subtract ignorance. And proposals from the Far-Right and Far-Left in America that would weaken our freedoms would have. Less support and we would no longer see a weakening of freedom in America but an expansion of freedom instead. And if you want to talk about money in a Liberal-Democracy. I’m not for eliminating it when it comes to politics because I believe Americans have a constitutional-right. To financially support or not support politicians and candidates. I’m also not in favor of term-limits for the same reason at least when it comes to legislatures. For the same reasons and see them both as Un Liberal-Democratic but I do believe what’s known as dark-money is a threat to. Liberal-Democracy and centralizing power with the few at the expense of the rest. And dark-money is money thats given to political-campaigns thats not made known to the public. Because the giver and receiver is too embarrassed to make those contributions public.

So full disclosure of all political contributions and fundraising in American-politics. And then again power to the people to decide if the candidates and incumbents who receive those. Contributions are worth their support or not, along with universal education in America. So we all have the knowledge to not only be successful in America but the knowledge about other people in. This country and to know that are differences do not necessarily make us worst or better. Is the best way to protect individual-freedom in America.


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