Toledo Blade: President FDR Fireside Chat. 2nd Bill of Rights, 1/11/1944: The Progressive Bill of Rights

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I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a while now on what is the Progressive notion of freedom. At least from a perspective of a non Progressive or at least as someone who doesn’t fit the popular. Definition of what it is to be a Progressive. Because Franklin Roosevelt the Ronald Reagan or hero of the American-Progressive movement spoke on a regular basis about freedom and the need for it. For individuals to be free to live their own lives and so did Lyndon Johnson and Teddy Roosevelt where. A lot of where Progressive policies get their inspiration, as well as Henry Wallace the 1948 Progressive Party nominee for President. Now the Progressive notion of freedom is certainly more limited and less individualistic then Libertarians, Conservatives or Liberals. But they must have one otherwise they wouldn’t be very Progressives and would qualify more as Leftist-Statists and. That freedom is dangerous and that government needs most it not all of the power for the good of society.

I guess the Progressive notion of freedom in its most limited form would be the freedom for individuals. To not have to take responsibility for their own lives and make key decisions. Because government would do that for you and we would no longer have to make decisions about where to go. To school or where to send our kids to school or have to worry about our healthcare or health insurance. Or retirement because we would all be entitled to these things provide by government at our expense. We would also be entitled to always having a good job with good benefits just for being born in this country. Even if we do not bring any or very few marketable skills to the table and our employer would be better of if we didn’t work there. And since we are also entitled to make a good living, even if we do have a job that doesn’t pay enough for us to live a. Comfortable lifestyle, government would pay us the rest so we are able to do that at our expense. To any non Progressive, this probably sounds like Fantasy Land or a Socialist-Utopia.

The mainstream idea of Progressivism and the Progressive notion of freedom would be that we would still have both economic and personal-freedom. So hopefully no more Progressive Prohibition ideas that are about protecting people from themselves and what they can and can’t eat and drink. That would come with a generous safety-net that would catch people who fall through the cracks of the. Capitalist-system that would still be in place but better regulated that’s run by government. But that Americans have the freedom by in large to live their own lives and that’s what. American-Progressives need to get back to if they ever want a real power and stop talking about. Nationalizing current private-sector services, the retirement-system being the latest one.

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