Center for American Progress: Economy: David Madland and Karla Walter: How to Empower The Middle Class to Empower Themselves

Middle Class

Middle Class

Top 6 Policies to Help the Middle Class that Won’t Cost Taxpayers a Penny | Center for American Progress.

Instead of taking the approach of how can we empower government to take care of everyone. Especially the people who need it and create some new New Deal. I’m going to paraphrase Jerry Maguire from a certain movie and say how can I meaning government help you help yourself. What do you need from me so you can be successful and independent on your own in America. And for me it gets to things like infrastructure-investment where I would invest around a trillion dollars over. A 5-10 years span rebuilding this country and putting millions of people to work. And giving our construction and manufacturing industries all sorts of new business. Creating a universal access to lifelong education system so all Americans no matter their income level or their parents. Income level would always have access to a quality education in America. Real tax-reform so we could have all sorts of companies American and foreign investing new resources in America. And taxing people based on what they take from society and not what they contribute to society. And an energy-policy that moves us from energy-dependence to energy-independence by utilizing all of our. Natural-resources, so if you are looking for the Next New Deal, keep looking I’m sure you’ll find it.

If I were write an Economic Bill of Rights, something I may do for this blog in the future. It would be about a right to organize for all workers. All workers would have the right to join or not to join a union. There choice, be a member of a labor-union and pay the dues. Or not an operate as a free-agent responsible for obtaining from your employer whatever benefits and pay that you can. And it would also be about lifelong education that no matter our income level or our parents income level. We would all have access to a quality education our entire lives. So we are not stuck in poverty because we are from rural or innercity America or happen to live there. And then be held accountable for good, bad and in between for what we make with those opportunities. And then subsidize success in America and encourage people who aren’t currently successful to do what they. Need to do to make it in America where no worker no matter their income would make less money. Then someone whose currently unemployed.

Government would also subsidize success with real tax-reform that would no longer tax people. Based on what they contribute to society, what they may for a living. But what they consume from society that need to be replaced with what I call a a Progressive Consumption Tax. And we do all of these things especially as they relate to education and the right to organize. Then we could build a true Liberal-Democracy, I know Progressives and right-wingers hate that term. But where all Americans would have access to both economic and personal-freedom.


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