RT: Video: The Big Picture: Conversations With Great Minds: Lee Fang: A Field Guide to the Resurgent Right

Rally Against Socialism

Rally Against Socialism

Conversations w/Great Minds – Lee Fang, The Machine: A Field Guide to the Resurgent Right P2 – YouTube.

When you listen to the video in this blog, all I suggest that you do is consider whose doing the interview and who the interview is. RT is no friend of the Tea Party or the Republican Party or the American right-wing in general. Neither is Thom Hartmann or Lee Fang, actually the opposite would be true so what you get in this interview and I’m sure in Lee Fang’s book. Even though I haven’t read it yet, is a Progressive spin on what the Tea Party is in America and the broader right-wing.

I say this not as a right-winger myself because if you are familiar with this blog you know I’m not. I’m a Liberal on the Left but I’m not posting this video as if it is some hard-news report about. The American Tea Party because it’s not it’s what so-called Progressives or what I call the New-Left in America. The Occupy Wall Street movement once you to think about the Tea Party and the American right-wing. As a bunch of greedy ignorant Capitalist pigs who are only interested in keeping the ‘white man in power’ at the expense of everyone else. And the Tea Party certainly has those elements but it’s a much more diverse political-coalition. That actually includes classical-Conservatives and Libertarians, not the Neoconservative big government Republicans that we see. Today and then there are the religious-Right and Neoconservatives in this movement. The Michelle Bachmann’s of the world but there are also the Conservative-Libertarians that I mentioned like. Rand Paul so this is a very diverse movement.

After Barack Obama was elected President of the United States in 2008 to go along with a Democratic Congress. Large majorities in both the House and Senate, the Republican Party was in disarray and basically out of power at least at the Federal-level. And only controlled something like twenty Governorships and was a party that looked like things were just going to get worst before they. Got better but they still had enough political intelligence people in the party that knew how to make. A comeback and fight back and that’s really why the Tea Party came to existence and became a major force. In response to all of the new Progressive-Democrats being elected to Congress and so forth. And they knew that they were probably one or two elections way from seeing a Republican Party that represented the American right-wing. Their tool to stay in power and get more power or get back into power heading towards becoming irrelevant force in American-politics. The Tea Party was the response to the Obama-coalition and the Obama-coalition is still around and is only going to get. Bigger as the Tea Party looks to be fading away.

The Democratic mistake was in 2009-10 was underestimating the Republican Party and how weak they were. And expecting to work with them especially in Congress when the opposite was true and John Boehner. Then Minority Leader of the House and Mitch McConnell then and still Minority Leader of the Senate did the opposite. And both kept their soldiers inline to the point that whatever Democrats were able to do in 2009-10. They had to be almost completely by themselves when they were probably expecting help from the Republican-Leadership in the House and Senate. And the Republican Party not being a dead party yet still having resources to mount an opposition which became the. Tea Party and they’ve been living off of this coalition ever since.


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