The LBJ Library: Vice President Hubert Humphrey- Talks To The Nation in 1964

Source: The LBJ Library: Vice President Hubert Humphrey- Talks To The Nation in 1964

If 1968 was a normal election year, Hubert Humphrey probably beats Richard Nixon perhaps not by a landslide, but by an electoral landslide. Because he was more likable than Dick Nixon and was more honest and so-forth and didn’t have the baggage that came with Nixon. But 1968 was not a normal election year obviously where both the Democratic and Republican parties were in a transition phase. And where the power of the country was also changing and we were really becoming a two-party country. With both parties starting to become competitive national parties.

With Republicans gaining power in the South and West. And where the Democratic Party was divided between its Progressives and Socialist-Left, and it’s Center-Left with Liberals and Progressives. The emerging anti-military and anti-use of force Far-Left what I call the New-Left in America. Who are basically made up of Socialist-Anarchists that we see today in the Democratic Party. And the Green Party which is who the Occupy Wall Street movement represents today.


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