RT: The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann- One Hospital Charges $8k, Another $38k!: How to Bring Down Our Healthcare Costs

Public Option

Public Option

I love the idea of non-profit tax-free health-insurance companies and hospitals especially community-hospitals. That are privately owned and run but are simply in the business to deliver health-insurance and healthcare and not to make money. Even if that means delivering health-insurance and healthcare that affects the bottom lines and is something that should’ve been in the. 2010 Affordable Care Act along with the public-option for Medicare and was definitely a mistake on. Congressional Democrats and President Obama’s part as well and had they not spent almost a year debating healthcare-reform. They would’ve probably been able to past both and something that would’ve benefited the economy as well. With all the money that would’ve been invested in new hospitals and clinics just to build them but also to run them. And the Small Business Administration could’ve given out loans to start-up these new non-profit hospitals, clinics and health insurance companies.

The difference I have with Thom and other let’s say Progressives is that I do not want the. Federal Government or any other government running our health-insurers and hospitals. Medicare and whatever the new agency that would be in charge of running our hospitals all over the country. If we were to move to a British like National Health Service where the Federal Government is the only game in. Town when it comes to our healthcare, we do not need that type of healthcare-system. With so much power going to one authority whether it’s in the public or private-sector. That we could literally turn our healthcare-system over to the people and take it away from. Corporate-America the difference being that I’m actually serious and I would give to the people all across. The country in each city and county with their own community-hospitals all over the country. As being the big game in town when it comes to healthcare delivering quality affordable healthcare. Not denying people healthcare that they need even if they have the insurance for it. Because they wouldn’t make much of a profit from it leaving for-profit health-insurers and hospitals. Wondering how they are going to compete with private non-profits.

See this is why I wish that Thom would’ve finished that point in his editorial. And go further in explaining what he meant about taking our healthcare-system out of the hands of. Corporate-America and giving it to the people. Is he talking about having the Federal Government take complete control of our healthcare-system or giving it to private non-profits for them to run. You give it to private non-profits to run and leave competition in place the private-market. And for-profits in the healthcare-system would have to change their business practices or face going out of business. With people with health-insurance have better more affordable options.


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