Roosevelt Institute: The Next New Deal: Mike Konzcal: How to Pay For Universal Higher-Education

Higher Education

Higher Education

Could We Redirect Tax Subsidies to Pay for Free College? | Next New Deal.

Before you get into a discussion like this you should start with facts, continue with facts and finish with facts. Rather then trying to convince people who under my plan I’ll give you this. Anything that comes from government is paid for one way or the other and government doesn’t give anything for free. We either pay for public-services up front with taxes or down the road in interest-rates on the national-debt. So the next time a politician or a candidate tells you that under their plan we’ll have free healthcare or free health-insurance. Or free college which is what this blog is about. What you should ask that person is how much will those free services cost you. Because they won’t be free and you may think what a strange question. How much will these free services cost me, well if it’s free why would it cost me anything but that’s the whole point isn’t. It because it’s not free when it comes from the public-sector. We all pay for the public-services that we get.

We could finance and pay for universal higher-education as well as universal lifelong-education in America in a few ways. Lifelong-education being education that working adults as well as unemployed adults would have access to so they could always improve their skills whenever they. Need to and we could do this in a few ways. We eliminate all public student-loans and tax credits and so forth and pull all of that money into a new government social-program that would finance. Higher and lifelong-education for everyone in the country who otherwise wouldn’t be able to pay for it. Themselves something I’m sure Progressives want to do or we could create a combination of a. Public/private education-financing system for adults anyone whose finished high school and. Eligible to move on to college or go back to school and get job-training and so forth. They are out of work or want a better job and perhaps try a new career.

I prefer the public-private approach and giving individuals responsibility for the services that they receive in life. Since they are the ones paying for it and create similar to what we do with our retirement-system. That’s paid for by workers and employers but I would give the individual the responsibility for managing these education-accounts. That would be tax-free for both employers and employees as long as that money is not spent. Rather then centralizing all of the power with one authority in the country and hoping they do not mess it up for everybody who has to pay for it. As well as additional assistance for low-income workers and expanding scholarships in this country. And expanding public-universities based on what we do with the military-academies. Something we could do for 50-100M$ a year and pay for all of it as a country that would be affordable for. Everyone rather than trying to convince people it’s free which is what Progressives like to do.

It’s not about free or paying too much when it comes to these services but about how we make these services affordable. Where we all pay for them because whatever government does for us, we all have to pay for it so what we really should be talking about is affordability.


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