Syrinix Temple: Video: ABC Sports: FBS 1984-Sugar Bowl-Nebraska Cornhuskers @ Louisiana Tigers: Full Game

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An interesting matchup for a Sugar Bowl, because you have a power football oriented Big 12 football team in the Nebraska Cornhuskers, on both sides of the ball. Where they probably ran the ball seventy to eighty percent of the time, including their quarterback. With a big strong offensive line as well and big and strong on defense. Against essentially a spread offense Louisiana Tigers team. That spread the defense out with three receivers or more looking for one on one mismatch advantages that they could take advantage of. With their speed receivers and running backs and throwing the ball quickly. So in a matchup like that where both teams move the ball very well and score a lot of points, but does it differently, it is the defense that plays the best and adjust the best that generally wins the game.
Louisiana Superdome


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