Washington Post: Wonk Blog- Mike Konzcal- Thinking Utopian: How About a Universal Basic Income?: What We Should Do Instead

Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money

Source: The Washington Post: Wonk Blog-Mike Konzcal-Thinking Utopian: How about a universal basic income?

The fact is wherever you go in the developed-world wherever the country you are going to find people who are doing very well. And find people who are struggling to survive but who are getting by and people who simply live in poverty where everyday is a struggle. And they are constantly worrying about whether they are going to have enough food that week or are they going to get. Evicted at the end of the month so the debate is not whether there are income-gaps outside of the United States as well as in the United States. That America is trailing the rest of the developed-world economically while everyone else lives in Paradise. Because income-gaps exist all over the world, the real debate is how to bridge the income-gap in America. So our successful population isn’t so small compared with the rest of the world, where our filthy-rich population, if you will. Isn’t so small and where our lower middle-class population and our low-income population is so high.

You could create a universal basic income but where would be at where would the cutoff point be. Let’s say it’s 25K$ for an individual, technically that person is not living in poverty. But barely, they might not even be eligible for Medicaid since Medicaid is for people in poverty and. The disabled or maybe it’s 40K$ for a couple and let’s say they have two kids living in Washington where I live or let’s say. Philadelphia under Federal-law they are not poor but again we are talking about a technicality. And perhaps you should try to convince this couple that probably doesn’t have health-insurance unless it’s provided by their employers. And both parents are probably working that they do not live in poverty even though life for them in a big wealthy. Metropolis and city like Washington and Philadelphia where the average couple in their city. Make 2-4 times more than they do that they do not live in poverty.

Another problem with guaranteeing basic income for a whole year and I’m not talking about the minimum-wage or what I would prefer a living-wage. Because with these wages the worker still has to show up for work and do their job and earn that money. What I’m talking about is a basic annual salary where no matter how productive of an employee you are. Or even if you are working is that if you are guaranteed enough money to survive no matter how productive you are. You lose basic incentive to be the best worker and do the best job that you can because no matter how productive. You are you are guaranteed a basic level of income so what we would have is that people who are successful today. Whether they are middle-class, upper middle-class or wealthy. The workers that we want in America would end subsidizing the people who aren’t productive. So we would be taxing people for being successful to subsidize people who aren’t when we need more people doing the best. Job that they can in this country and have fewer people who do not do whatever they can to take care of themselves.

What we need in America is more haves and fewer have-nots and you do that by subsidizing success and independence in America. So people are simply making more money working then not working and you start with a living-wage of around 10-12$ an hour and apply the minimum-wage to people on. Welfare Insurance so Americans can simply see that it pays more to work then to be unemployed. And the way to subsidize success is through quality education and making it available to everyone in America. Regardless of age and income-level and tell people we’ll give you the opportunity to successful as you possibly can. Based on what you do for yourself but at the end of the day whatever success you have in life. Will be based on what you do for yourself.


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