TruthOut: Gar Alperovitz & Chelsea Green- Everyday Socialism American-Style Is Happening Now: Defining Democratic Socialism

Employee Owned

Employee Owned

Source: TruthOut: Gar Alperowitz & Chelsea Green-Everyday Socialism American-Style Is Happening Now

This blog will be about what is let’s say mainstream socialism even center-Left socialism in America. And not the philosophy that’s being pushed by today’s so-called ‘modern-Liberals’ that I’ve argued aren’t Liberals at all. But mainstream socialism in America would be the democratic socialism that Franklin Roosevelt argued for  in the United States in the 1930s with his proposed Economic Bill of Rights. That he tried to expand later in the 1940s that was unsuccessful that Harry Truman later took up with his proposed Fair Deal. So people who want to hear about Marxism and Karl Marx and nationalizing all sorts of industry in America, well we have a First Amendment and free press. So you’re welcome to look at other sites to hear about that.

The safety net in America is part of mainstream economic progressivism. That today’s so-called Progressives have moved further left of and really are interested in creating welfare state in America. To take care of everybody rather than allowing for people to take care of themselves to be allowed to do that for themselves. But this is just part of mainstream economic progressivism. But there’s another component to it as well. The Roosevelt’s didn’t set out to destroy capitalism and replace it with state-ownership of the economy. The Roosevelt’s were capitalists and believed in American capitalism. What they wanted to do was to save it and make it work for more people and so that there was a floor for people who for whatever reasons weren’t able to take care of themselves that they could collect from while they are getting themselves on their feet. Which I believe is something that todays again so-called Progressives the Occupy Wall Street crowd doesn’t seem to understand.

The safety net is part of making capitalism work for more Americans, but there’s another part of it. Which has to do with giving workers not government ownership over the work that they do and part-ownership of the companies they work for. Even if they are not self-employed which are called cooperatives which are like small local business’s, but successful companies. Where the employees own a piece of the action and are paid based on how productive they are and how the company is doing. Rather than management deciding how much they are worth or what they can afford to pay their employees. Where even management are paid based on how productive they are and where labor has a say and vote in who the management is. Because they are also the stockholders which is the way forward for people who are real Progressives in America. That you can be about the safety net and pushing for that, as long as you are both fiscally and economically responsible with it. But you need to combine those things with a certain level of economic freedom for everyone so Americans do not believe you want government running our lives for us, because then they wouldn’t support you.

The problem with the Left is not Progressives the Roosevelt Democrats of the world that created the safety net. The problem with the Left is the Far-Left radical Socialist-Anarchists who believe that government can solve all of our problems for us. And run our lives better for us than individuals themselves. and for the Illiberal-Left in America people who are a bit further to the left than the Center-Left (and I hope you aren’t getting dizzy from reading this) Progressives need to combine a certain level of economic as well as personal freedom and get the paternalism out of their ideology for Progressives to be successful in America. And the safety net with business cooperatives would be a way forward.

Democracy Collaborative: Gar Alperovitz- Socialism & State Capitalism


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