The Real News: Video: Hundreds Take Part in Poor People’s March Against Unemployment

March Against Poverty

March Against Poverty

Hundreds Take Part in "Poor People's March" Against Unemployment and Austerity – YouTube.

It’s good to see campaigns like this because it means there are people who care enough about poverty in America. Enough to actually do something about it and take the time to organize and march in big cities like Baltimore and Washington. Two cities I’ve pretty familiar with living near both of them. Because to solve a problem you have to at least acknowledge it exists and then you have to educate others about the problem. And once you do that now you do the research that you need and talk to people about what should be done to deal with the problem. And then start to put solutions on the table and the fact that we have so many people in poverty in this country and a. Lot of them if not the majority who work for a living but still find themselves going to food banks because they can’t afford enough food to eat. Tells me a couple of things that we do not have a living-wage in America but also we do not have an education-system. That produces enough workers with the skills that they need to get the jobs that will allow for them to be independent and live. Out of poverty.

There are several things that we could do if we are actually serious about ending poverty in America. A goal we’ll probably never achieve but the point of having a goal like that is to accomplish as much of it as possible. Similar how coaches in sports want to win every game they are involved in knowing they won’t but to see how many games they’ll win. But if we are serious about reducing poverty in America then the goal should be to eliminate it all together. Again to see how far we get and we need a short-term plan to deal with all of the adults who live in poverty so. They can get themselves good jobs but we also need a long-term plan so their kids do not have to live in poverty at least as adults. And it’s really all about education and job training and have an education system where kids are sent to school based on where they live. But what’s the best school for them that means they and their parents make that decision. We no longer pay teachers based on how long they’ve been teaching but how well their kids are learning. And we stop funding schools based on where they are located but what they need to be successful.

That was my long-term proposal, short-term we should making job-training available and free of charge for low-income and unemployed-workers. So they can finish or advance their education and get themselves a good job and have a social-insurance system that financially incentivize work over. Unemployment so people on public-assistance but who are working would make at least the living-wage in America. I would start that at ten dollars and hour and index it for inflation so that age increases with as cost of living goes up. Allow small employers to deduct thirty percent of it from their taxes so they do not get hit by it. But allow them to deduct another two dollars and hour for their employees if they go up to twelve dollars and hour. And apply the 7.25$ minimum-wage for people on Welfare Insurance who aren’t working along with their other public-assistance that. Low-income workers would also be able to collect as well. Again subsidizing work over unemployment.

People do not tend to want to or live in poverty. They are in poverty because of bad choices they’ve made in life or by circumstance. Like having kids too soon and dropping out of school or being forced to dropout of school to work and help their families make ends meet. So what we should be doing is empowering people to get themselves out of poverty which would benefit the entire. Economy with a better trained workforce and more consumers with more money to spend buying more products. Which leads to economic and job-growth.

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