Salon: Krist Novoselic: My Plan to Fix Congress, Curb Obstruction

Special Interest Rule

Special Interest Rule

Krist Novoselic: My plan to fix Congress, curb obstruction –

It’s when I read blogs like these when I believe that Progressive or Social-Democrats in America really live in the wrong country. And probably be much better off living North of the Border in Canada a country that better represents them politically. Or moving to Europe and living in Sweden or Britain or Germany where Parliament decides who the chief executive of the country is rather. Than the people themselves and it’s also when I read blogs like this that I’m glad that Social-Democrats. Weren’t around when the United States formed and the U.S. Constitution was written. Because it would look a hell of a lot different than it today a hell of a lot more Collectivist and. Centrally planned with the Federal Government having a lot more power over the states and where the 10th and 11th amendments do not exist. Having said all of that the religious and Neo-Right in the country would also be better off politically and culturally living in another country. Where personal-freedom is a hell of a lot more limited like let’s say in the Middle East. And have their own strange ideas when it comes to reforming Congress like changing how we elect our. Senators and would take that power away from individuals and give them to state-legislatures instead.

Is gerrymandering a problem of course it is but is a partisan problem in the sense that only party does that. Hopefully anyone reading this blog doesn’t believe that which is why I would be in favor as part of a broader. Campaign-reform law that would put in Federal-standards to how U.S. House-districts are drawn so they represent the state overall. Instead of the party in power especially in states that tend to have one-party rule like in Maryland where I live or Arizona to use as. Examples so for example if a state is 2-1 Democratic or Republican in registration. The U.S. House districts in that state would have to be 2-1 Democratic or Republican depending on which party has. That political advantage instead of the legislature drawing up House districts based on how to get more of their members. Elected to the U.S. House even if the party registration says that they already have what they should have. If this is how House districts were drawn up, we would probably have a Democratic Congress right now House and Senate. Because there are more registered Democrats than Republicans but Republicans would also be better represented in Illinois and California. Where they have better representation then their current numbers suggest.

I hate to break it to Social-Democrats and Neoconservatives but the problem with America is not our constitution or our freedoms. But that some of our laws aren’t enforced very well and we do not do a very good job of regulating our campaign finance system. So we know whose contributing and to who and how they got the money and how that influenced the public-official who got the money if at all. And the gerrymandering and these are the things that need to be fixed to fix the U.S. Congress. Where our Representatives and Senators represent the people who voted for or against them. Rather then just the people who pay their bills.


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