Campaign For America’s Future: Dave Johnson: Another Bridge Falls: Fixing Infrastructure Fixes Jobs And Deficits: How to Put Americans to Work and in Freedom

American Jobs

American Jobs

Another Bridge Falls — Fixing Infrastructure Fixes Jobs And Deficits.

If you want to see the ultimate in what are called public-private partnerships something that todays Progressives tend not to like. Even though they tend to be in favor of infrastructure-investment. Its infrastructure-investment because that’s exactly what a public-private partnership is. Government says we need this new road or bridge or we need this road or bridge to be repaired to use as. Examples and generally its a lot more than just one or two but a good infrastructure bill tends to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. That is paid for and nothing but real infrastructure projects that benefit the economy as a whole. Rather then being bridges or roads to nowhere or subsidies for ant farms or something which is pork barrel spending. But infrastructure-investment is all about economic and job growth and putting people back to work. Not to work for government but to work for the companies that are rewarded contracts to do the work. They have got these contracts and now they have to put their people to work and a lot of times hire additional. People to do the work that’s been prioritize by government.

Last night a lot of by blog was about economic-policy and what my economic-policy is as a Liberal. And talking about education and job-training so people can live independently in freedom. Once we have a workforce like that where people are not out of work for periods of time because they. Lack the right skills there needs to be jobs for them along for the people who already have the skills. To do the jobs and with infrastructure-investment you could kill two birds with one stone. Putting people back to work right away but also building new schools and classrooms. As well as community colleges, or grants for private job-training programs and seminars. Where people can get additional skills so they can get themselves a good job and live in freedom and in independence. Rather then government trying to do everything for them. And the beauty of all of this is that it would be fiscally responsible. Because of the economic and job growth that it would generate but also because we could and should pay for it in gas and oil taxes or taxing tobacco and alcohol. Things that people could afford to pay a little more for in the short-term. Because they use these products everyday.

We do not need a new New Deal as the Green Party has proposed to put Americans back to work. And give the Federal Government so much more new responsibility and authority in doing that for us. What we need to do is put Americans back to work and give companies a reason to hire. And the construction and manufacturing industries are great places to start where good high skilled jobs. Would be created just by rewarding these companies new contracts by investing in infrastructure in this country. And preventing future tragedies like what happened Thursday in my hometown of Bethesda, Maryland at Montgomery Mall from happening in the future.


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