On The Economy: Jared Bernstein: Kids, Poverty, Safety Net, Recession Over at TAP: How to Create a Permanent Middle Class

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Place to Live

Kids, Poverty, Safety Net, Recession…Over at TAP | Jared Bernstein | On the Economy.

I’m all for the safety-net to be there for people who need it like in an economic downturn. Like a recession to use as an example so people can have a place to go to where they can get help paying. Their bills while they are out of work as long as they are using that time not working preparing themselves to go back to work. Things like looking for another job or going back to school and getting themselves new skills so they can get another job. Perhaps in another field this is something that we should be doing with our unemployment insurance system. Where our unemployment offices would become job centers not a place to go just to sign up for. Unemployment Insurance and to collect an Unemployment Insurance check but a place to go to find another job. Or get signed up for a job-training program like at a community college or in the private sector. Like job-training seminars that people who are on unemployment insurance make productive use out of the. Time they have not working by not just finding another job but finding a good job. Perhaps a better job that they had before.

Instead of as a country that we just pay people so they do not starve or go homeless or end up breaking the law. To support themselves, we instead pay them to improve themselves so they can get themselves a good job. And things like re-education and job-training for adults that we could make available for people on Unemployment Insurance. Could serve as a permanent economic stimulus because we would constantly be adding more skilled workers to the workforce. And companies would continue to want to do business in America or open up business’s in America because they would. Know we have the workers to do the jobs that they create. And also things like infrastructure-investment that I mentioned last week create well paid high skilled jobs that just don’t put. People in the middle-class but people who are doing well in the middle-class with six figure incomes. Who’ll will always have the skills and resume to be successful in America because of the work that they do. And will always be in a position where they are needed because we always need to be looking at repairing roads and bridges or building new ones.

I do not have a problem with the safety-net as long as it’s exactly that. Something that catches people when they follow through the cracks of our Capitalist-system. But then helps them back up rather becoming a way of life where nothing is expected of people who are on the safety-net. Where government meaning tax payers are always there to take care of them because these people will. Never be expected or required to go back to work.


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