New York Times: Opinionator- Thomas B. Edsall- Why Can’t America Be Sweden?: Why America Isn’t a Social-Democracy

Democratic Socialists

Democratic Socialists

The New York Times: Opinionator- Why America Can’t be Like Sweden.

So-called Progressives in America seem to have this cookie-cutter approach to economics. That what works in other countries would work in America as well. That even though the United States national debt would be the second largest economy in the world twice the size of the. Peoples Republic of China and that in dollars and in personal the United States Government is the largest government. In the world that somehow these things aren’t big enough because Europe on average their governments. Are twice the size of ours as far as percentage of GDP which means our government is too small and Americans are under taxed. Because Scandinavians are taxed a lot more to use as an example and their economies seem to be better off. Even though Scandinavia is now reconsidering their own welfare-states and looking to see if that is the direction they want to continue to move. To in the future and what Progressives also do not seem to understand that take Sweden to use as an example. A physically large country roughly the size of Turkey and Afghanistan that is energy-independent and produces enough of their own energy for a large country. But with only nine million people so they can afford to be generous with the tax dollars that they collect.

Maybe if America were to become energy-independent which is something we could achieve with all the natural-resources that we produce. Maybe then we would become like Scandinavia, doubt it because Americans do not like big government and high taxes. They just want enough government and the government that they have to work since they have to pay for it. Big government in America is another way of saying too much government where big government in Scandinavia is something they. Probably celebrate but is something that America doesn’t have and doesn’t need to have to move forward economically. With more people benefiting from economic-freedom and American-Capitalism and not living off of a welfare-state. So if you want to change the economic-policy for a country you first check to see what works about what they are doing. Especially if it’s a developed country like the United States then it will have several things that work well in it. Rather then saying this is what works here so it will automatically work there as well its just not that. Simple especially in two countries like Sweden and America that are so different.

What works in Sweden is what’s known as Democratic Socialism a mixture of Capitalism and a Socialist welfare-state. That’s funded by their Capitalist-economy as well as their natural-resources and small population living on a big land. What works and would work again in America is economic-Liberalism which is the Liberal version of economic-freedom. A Capitalist-system with an infrastructure-system that’s there to provide people with the opportunity to be successful in life. Like roads, bridges, housing, companies, airports, train stations, public-transit and so forth. As well as an education-system that’s in need of serious reform so more people can benefit from it. Where people can get the skills that they need to be successful in life and pay their own way and not have to live off. Of public-assistance, as well as safety-net not welfare-state that catches people when they fall but helps them back up so they can live in freedom. And finally but certainly not least a regulatory-system not there to run companies or try to protect people from themselves. But to protect consumers and workers, as well as employers from predators in the system.

The problem with America is not that we aren’t Socialist enough but that not enough of us do not have the freedom. That people need to live well and be successful in life so we shouldn’t be spending more money on programs that are designed to take care of people. So they do not have to take care of themselves or create new programs to do that. But empower more people to be successful on their own and expand freedom and Liberal-Democracy so it works for more people.


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