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The Big Picture: Thom Hartmann- Time For Congress to Regulate The Supreme Court Clan!

This is why I have a hard time respecting a lot of the arguments of todays so-called Progressives, that I call Social Democrats. Because they are so short-sided and go off when they see something they disagree with. And say, … Continue reading

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The Daily Beast: Staff: Barney Frank Wants to Legalize Heroin: Why We Should Decriminalize Certain Illegal Narcotics Instead

Barney Frank Wants to Legalize Heroin – The Daily Beast. I’m getting tired of paying for people to serve time in prison and then cover their cost of living while in prison. In places where they tend to only get … Continue reading

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RT America: Texas Senator Wendy Davis Stops Anti-Abortion bill With 13-Hour Filibuster: Speaking up For The Right to Choose

Source: RT America: Texas State Senator Stops Anti-Abortion Bill With 13-Hour Filibuster If you were able to stay awake along enough to read my posts about how to reform the U.S. Senate, you know I’m not against the filibuster in the … Continue reading

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Time: Josh Sanburn- California Corrections: How a State Picks Thousands of Inmates to Take Out of Prison

Source: TIME: Josh Sanburn- California Corrections: How a State Picks Thousands of Inmates to Take Out of Prison. This is how to deal with prison overcrowding in California and the rest of the United States as well. And now to prevent … Continue reading

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The Young Turks: Video: Allen West: “Progressives Made Black Americans Poor”: How The Great Society & New Deal Has Contributed to Poverty

Allen West: Progressives Made Black Americans Poor – YouTube. Of course what’s called institutional-racism has contributed to poverty in America for African-Americans. But to say that institutional-racism is the only contributing factor to high poverty for African-Americans compared with the … Continue reading

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Karl Frisch: Howard Dean for America 2004- Hope and Healing: The Howard Dean Story: How Howard Dean Reignited The Democratic Party

Source: Karl Frisch: Howard Dean Campaign For America 2004- Hope and Healing I’ve said for about four years now that it’s 2004 the year that America moved Left and became Liberal. And where the Democratic Party became the dominant party again … Continue reading

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The Film Archives: C-SPAN: Conservatism vs. Liberalism- William F. Buckley, Jr. vs. George McGovern, From 1997

Source: The Film Archives-C-SPAN: Conservatism vs Liberalism- William F. Buckley vs George McGovern, From 1987 This is the perfect debate to have when it comes to American politics, not necessarily the two perfect people for this debate. Even though I doubt … Continue reading

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