Campaign For America’s Future: Opinion- Jeff Bryant- 25,000 Sign Declaration Calling For A New Direction In Education Policy: How to Build The Foundation For a Great Economy

Education Reform

Education Reform

Source: Campaign For America’s Future: Opinion-Jeff Bryant- 25,000 Sign Declaration Calling For A New Direction In Education Policy.

If you want to talk about economic fairness and the income gap as I call it to go along with the education gap. Instead of income inequality than education reform is at the heart of this entire debate in America. If you are tired of seeing 1-5 Americans living in poverty, then look again at our education system and the amount of well-educated and well-trained workers. That we produce and do not produce every year and look at their income levels because their education level will be tied to their income level. Unless they are a pro athlete or an entertainer for the most part and I’m sure there are some exceptions. But for the rest of us we need a good education and have a degree in something that will allow for us to have a good. Job that will allow us to live well in America and if we do not have that. Life will be a struggle for most of the people who are not well-educated.

Education reform is pretty simple to me as far as what I’m in favor of. Teachers who are trained to teach what they are teaching rather than knowing the basics but English teachers. With English degrees to use as an example. Students going to schools based on what’s the best school for them rather than based on where they live. So low-income students aren’t forced to go to underfunded low-performing schools simply because of where they live. But would be able to go to the best school for them in that school district. Which might mean a longer ride to and from school but a price worth paying that’s affordable. And the parents and their kids would make the decision not come centralized school office. Paying teachers based on what and how well their students are learning instead of paying them based on how ling they’ve been. Teaching as well as laying off or re-training low-performing teachers. So we do not have teachers who are not getting the job done. And finally but certainly and never least funding schools based on what they need to be successful rather than based on where they are located. So even schools in low-income neighborhoods have the resources they need to be successful.

You can’t have what’s called a fairer economy meaning more people doing and living well. Rather then few people doing well and a lot of people living in poverty. Without having an education system that gives everyone the opportunity to be successful in life no matter. The income-level of their parents and without a better education system. We’ll never create an economy that allows for everyone to live up to their human potential.


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