The Young Turks: Video: Allen West: “Progressives Made Black Americans Poor”: How The Great Society & New Deal Has Contributed to Poverty

Failed War on Poverty

Failed War on Poverty

Allen West: Progressives Made Black Americans Poor – YouTube.

Of course what’s called institutional-racism has contributed to poverty in America for African-Americans. But to say that institutional-racism is the only contributing factor to high poverty for African-Americans compared with the national average. Is like saying the San Francisco 49ers won four Super Bowls in the 1980s because Joe Montana was their QB. Montana was clearly a big factor but certainly not the only reason for the 49ers dynasty of the 1980s. Institutional-racism is a factor for African-Americans who live in poverty and that’s why we now have. Civil-rights laws to combat that but it’s certainly not the only factor. Things like high school dropout rates, fathers leaving their kids in the African-Americans community. Either voluntarily or ending up in prison, African-American women having kids before they are ready to take care. Of them and in some cases while in high school and then dropping out of high school. To try to raise their kids with the father not in the picture and perhaps the mother not knowing who the. Father of their baby or babies are.

So there are several factors in why so many African-Americans live in poverty. Institutional-racism of course being a factor but it’s one factor out of several. And of course todays so-called Progressives and perhaps Socialists would be a more accurate term won’t admit. These other factors like personal-responsibility or the lack of it compounded by poor. Judgement making but then you can also look at government’s role in it when it comes to things like the. Safety-net the New Deal and Great Society with all of these programs that instead of being designed. To empower people in poverty no matter their race to get themselves out of poverty. Through things like education and job-training so they can get themselves a good job whether they are currently working or not. But then go to public-housing where low-income families are essentially forced to live in low-income neighborhoods. That have high crime rates and bad schools where all these kids learn is how to survive a life in poverty. Rather than how to get out of poverty. And then you go to public-education where students are assigned a school. Based on where they live rather than what’s the best school for them to attend. Meaning if you are a low-income student you are forced to go to a low-income school.

So Allen West is essentially correct in his critique about the New Deal and Great Society. But what he leaves out is institutional-racism because with partisan right-wingers and former. Representative West would be one of them, there is no such thing as institutional-racism at least when it comes to minorities. The only racism in America comes from Progressives in how they treat, talk about and legislate concerning Caucasian-Americans.

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