The Daily Beast: Staff: Barney Frank Wants to Legalize Heroin: Why We Should Decriminalize Certain Illegal Narcotics Instead

Progressive Democrat

Progressive Democrat

Barney Frank Wants to Legalize Heroin – The Daily Beast.

I’m getting tired of paying for people to serve time in prison and then cover their cost of living while in prison. In places where they tend to only get worst because they were either caught in possession of illegal narcotics. Or caught high on illegal narcotics. Thats just a waste of tax dollars especially in tough economic and budget times where governments all. Across the country are looking to save money not invest more money. So I see where former U.S. Representative Barney Frank is going here when he talks about legalizing heroin and cocaine. And there’s actually an issue where he’s more Liberal than me. But I’m not ready to legalize and make heroin and cocaine two drugs that can still kill people after just using it once. That definitely lead to other crimes because addicts need the money to support their drug habit. There are ways of ending the War on Drugs which I’m in favor of doing and there are ways not to do it. Which could make things just as bad if not worst in this country.

So this is what I would do instead. First of all legalize marijuana Federally and still give the states the option to decide for themselves whether marijuana would be legal in their. State or not but the Federal Government would treat marijuana like alcohol and that’s how they would regulate and tax it. Second prisons are for criminals not drug addicts and should not be housing people who are simply in prison for possessing or using illegal narcotics. So for the inmates who are in prison for those charges and have solid records in prison. Get them out of prison and into halfway houses and drug rehab at their expense where they would work there. For the people who need it instead of prison. And take it a step further and decriminalize not legalize heroin and cocaine. So if you are caught in possession or on cocaine or heroin you are looking at paying fines and going to drug rehab at your expense. With out criminal record upon successful completion of those programs.

As I said before there are ways to end the War on Drugs and ways not to do that. And we should do it the right way that doesn’t add to our crime rates and add to our healthcare costs. And simply treating marijuana like alcohol and decriminalizing cocaine and heroin. Are the ways to do that which would get people off of these drugs as well as help us bring down our. Prison costs and our prison populations in a responsible way that saves tax payers money.


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