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Democratic Rapid Response: Video: Democrats Standing Up For Medicare and Medicaid: 48 Years and Counting: How to Make Medicare an Option For Everyone

Democrats Standing Up For Medicare and Medicaid: 48 Years and Counting – YouTube. Progressives or Socialists in America are always saying that Medicare should be available for more people. That it is the best health insurer in the United States … Continue reading

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The U.S. Presidents: Video: President Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography

President Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography – YouTube. The President who brought Democratic-Socialism into law in America with the creation of the American safety-net. Democratic-Socialism as a movement and a political philosophy had been around much longer than that in America. … Continue reading

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The Real News: Video: Opinion: Chris Hedges: “As a Socialist, I Have No Voice in the Mainstream”

Chris Hedges: As a Socialist, I Have No Voice in the Mainstream – YouTube. Sounds like Chris Hedges is talking local business’s, local economies, cooperatives. Where these business’s would still be privately owned but by the workers themselves rather than … Continue reading

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The Young Turks: Video: Panel: Internet Porn Blocked All Over Britain: Big Government Just Got Bigger in Britain

. Just when you think government is already too big in Britain right now, now Brits can be arrested for what they do in their private time as well as being taxed up to their, lets say shoulders. To keep … Continue reading

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David Pakman Show: Kentucky Ending Private Prisons

Source: David Pakman Show: Kentucky Ending Private Prisons  Sanity and reason still alive in Kentucky. Companies shouldn’t be able to make as much money as they can and then lobby to do that by housing people in prison for as long … Continue reading

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The Rap Sheet: Pepper Anderson as Police Woman- TV Intro

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus I need to see this show at some point, if for nothing else to see if there’s any other motivation other than to check out and see the great Angie Dickinson … Continue reading

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Thom Hartmann: Teddy Roosevelt and The Living Wage

Source: Thom Hartmann: Teddy Roosevelt and The Living Wage I don’t think that some right-wingers and business’s understand that it’s in their best interest to pay their employees a living wage and not something that would make them rich or even … Continue reading

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