The American Prospect: Opinion: Scott Lemieux: Progressives’ Post-DOMA To-Do List: The Future of American-Progressivism

Progressive Democrat

Progressive Democrat

Progressives' Post-DOMA To-Do List.

I’ve seen blogs in the past few days basically being about the future of the American-Left in other words where does it go from here. Trying to over simplify a fairly complicated movement and area of the American political spectrum that covers many different political and. Ideological factions that has never been about Liberal or Progressive or Socialist. When the facts are all three of these different political factions occupy the American-Left. So I’m not going to write a blog about the American-Left but separate the main three different. Political factions on the Left in America and this post will be about Progressives and where they should. Go from here and be about in the future.

The Democratic Party the main Leftist party in America has three or four even main political factions. The problem for Progressives is that the FDR-Democrats seem to either be dying or very quiet right now. As what I call the Occupy Movement the modern-day what we’re called in the late 1960s and 1970s McGovern-Democrats. People who are essentially Socialist-Anarchists who are antiwar coming from government that is. Anti Capitalist anti Caucasian at least how their rhetoric and humor sounds towards Caucasian-Americans. And wanting to transform America into some type of Socialist-Utopia without war, no class, no privatization. No rich people no wealthy people a society where we are all equal even though we aren’t. That’s not the Progressive-coalition built but these are the people who tend to be labeled as. Progressives today who I call so-called Progressives.

Franklin Roosevelt wasn’t anti business or even anti corporate and definitely not anti Capitalist and wanting to end Capitalism. One of the goals of the New Deal was to save American-Capitalism not to end it or replace it. But create a social insurance system that we call in America the safety-net to fill in the gaps where Capitalism and the private-market. Comes up short like when people are unemployed. So if you are real Roosevelt Progressive-Democrat and not some type of Socialist-Anarchist who doesn’t believe in the rule of law. Than you aren’t anti business or anti Capitalist or anti corporate even or anti military or. Anti law-enforcement and the rule of law. But you also believe these groups shouldn’t have all or most of the power with politicians and public officials. Only accountable to corporate executives and other Capitalists. You think these groups should pay their fair share of taxes along with individuals and should have to play by a fair set. Of rules that protect workers, consumers and even business’s.

That should be the future of the American-Left at least as far as someone who doesn’t consider himself to be a Progressive. But that they should get back to their roots and back to being Progressives which is about using government to improve people’s lives not try to. Run them and try to show them how to live their own lives. And try to nationalize any part of the economy you don’t think works very well. Or try to outlaw freedom of choice to protect people from themselves but use government. To do the things that we need it to do for the betterment of society.


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