Munk Debates: Taxing the Rich- How to Insure Better Economic Growth and More Economic Freedom

Tax and Spend

Tax and Spend

If we as a country and not just some us like myself were really serious about the income gap and the education gap. And the roughly one in five Americans who live in poverty. And such a small percentage of Americans who are doing very well economically. We wouldn’t be settling for an education system that doesn’t produce enough workers to fill the good jobs out there. Which is one of the reasons why we import foreign workers to do those jobs. And leaving kids stuck in bad schools just because they come from low-income families without the resources. To send them to a good school and we wouldn’t settle for bad schools period and we would encouraging educators and schools to do a good job. Not rewarding them for being schools and educators. The fact is the rich do well in America because they tend to have the skills that allow them to do. So rather than what Socialists tend to think that people are born rich because of their parents and never have to work a day in their lives.

I’m all for investing more in infrastructure, job-training and education. And have written blogs on how to do that which you can find on this blog. But as we do these things we also need to continue to encourage people to do well and be an economically independent as. Possible and not tell people who’ve done very well that you are simply making too much money. So we are going to take a big chunk of that and give it to government to take care of people who aren’t doing well. Should the rich pay their fair share, of course they should as should everyone. But like everyone not to the point that it discourages them from doing well now or into the future. That what we should do instead of and not redistributing the wealth of a very few to take care of the less-fortunate. We should be empowering the less-fortunate to be become fortunate and live in freedom as well.

Taxing the rich is really about looking for more revenue for government to spend. And has nothing to do with deficit reduction but how can we give government additional resources. To spend and take care of people who aren’t doing very well. When what we should be doing instead is empowering the less-fortunate to be able to take care of themselves. While we continue to encourage people to do well.


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