Thom Hartmann: America First- America’s Role in The World

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Source: Thom Hartmann: America First

First of all an empire is one country or a group of countries that control another group of countries. The Soviet Union a perfect example of that where you had Russian Slavic population trying to control other Slavic states and people’s. And non-Slavic states as well. What the United States is, is the most powerful country in the world economically as well as. Militarily that uses that influence working not controlling its allies to promote peace and Democracy around the world. We do not control Egypt or Venezuela anymore than they control America. The Soviet Union controlled all the non-Russian Communist Slavic republics in Eastern Europe. Who does the United States control? Well we use to control Iran when they were a monarchy and controlled the Shah of Iran. But who do we control now and if you actually look at it in some cases there are countries that have more influence over us. Than we have over them. Like controlling our energy supply like in the Middle East. Because America won’t come up with its own domestic energy policy.

Another example of where other developed countries have more influence over us than we do over them. We actually pay developed countries in the hundreds of billions of dollars every year. To defend them something that they have the resources to do for themselves. But instead of these countries spending those resources defending themselves. We spend our own limited tax dollars defending them. Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. You want to rebuild America something that I want to do. You could start by stop defending other countries that can afford to defend themselves or at least have those countries pay us to give them their. National defense and a big reason why these Social Democracies spend so much money on their welfare-states. Is because they can afford to or could afford to because of the amount of money they do not have to spend on their own defense. Because Americans finance that for them.

I’m not calling for isolationism here which it seems to be what Thom Hartmann is calling for. But America is not an empire because we simply can’t afford to be. No country right now can and I’m not calling for America to be an empire. But a country that can more than defend itself but it also strong enough that countries wouldn’t be dumb enough to try to attack us. While we work with our allies to promote peace and Democracy so we are on top of the world. As far as having the intelligence that we need to prevent terrorists and other authoritarian thugs. Working with our allies from either hitting us or taking over countries that are on our side.


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