RT: The Big Picture- Conversations With Great Minds: Former Rep. Bob Ney Has Secrets That Could Put Congressmen in Jail

People's Congress?

People’s Congress?

Former U.S. Representative Bob Ney who served in the U.S. House and Congress for twelve years. From 1995-2007 after being caught up in the Jack Abramoff scandal of 2005-06 and losing his House seat. When Democrats won back Congress in 2006 and then being convicted for his role in that scandal and going to prison. Is now what I guess law enforcement officers would call an informant. Someone who use to do wrong and has done their time and now looking to share with the rest of the world. About what is wrong with the organization that they use to work for. But is someone who made good use of their time in prison and now knows what life on the inside is. Like and that people in prison tend to only learn a couple of things. They hate being in prison because it is a hell hole where people are caged most of the time with no hope for a future and. The ones who are able to spend long periods out of their cells are worked essentially as slaves. And now wants to try to improve things and be a real public servant.


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