RT: The Big Picture- Has the Left Been Neutered?: The Three Parties Within The Democratic Party

Political Association

Political Association

Source: RT: The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann- Has The Left Been Neutered?

One of the problems with the two-party system in America is that we aren’t left with two political parties. At least not ideologically but two large political associations of different political factions in it. The Republican Party has a Conservative faction, a Libertarian faction, a religious-right more Theocratic faction and a Neoconservative faction. The Democratic Party on the Left to counter the Republican Party on the Right. Has a Liberal faction where I come from. A Progressive faction which is different from the Liberals the way Conservatives are different from Libertarians. What is called the New-Left that emerged in the late 1960s that is much more Socialist, less trusting of government. Especially when it comes to military and law enforcement the so-called national security state. That even has an Anarchist bent to it that it doesn’t believe they should have to follow laws they disagree. With and are willing to go to jail to make their political viewpoints known. The Occupy Wall Street movement of today the kids of the New-Left from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

So when you have these two political associations and not political parties. You tend to see a lot of divisiveness in the association because you have factions that are put together. In one supposed party where they do not agree with each other all time and do not agree very often at times. The New-Left in the Democratic Party ideologically and culturally as well as in tone and tactics. Looks more like the Green Party than they do Liberal-Democrats. While the establishment Democrats are the actual Liberals and Progressives to other factions. That do not agree with each other all the time but enough to keep the party together. And that is what you see in this video is two people who come from the New-Left in America. What I call the Green Party faction of the Democratic Party talking about their disagreements with the. Democratic Leadership and what they do not like about the Democratic Party.

That is the American political system today. Two large political associations with a bunch of smaller more ideologically pure third-parties that in a lot of ways. Represent the true political diversity of America and example of why the two-party system does not work. Because it is not fully representative of our country politically and leaves a lot of voters on both. The Left and Right out of the political process.


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