Campaign For America’s Future: Opinion- Dave Johnson- “Instead Of Providing Free Education, Senators Propose Raising Costs Of College”: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Higher Education

Higher Education

Source: Campaign For America’s Future: Opinion- Dave Johnson- Instead Of Providing Free Education, Senators Propose Raising Costs Of College.

I hate to point out the obvious but apparently there are still too many people especially on the Social-Democratic-Left who simply do not understand this. But there is no such thing as a free lunch from government. We pay for all the public services that we get one way or the other. Whether we pay for them in payroll taxes or we pay for them in fees or we pay for them in income taxes. This idea that if we tax the rich more we can provide the entire country with a ‘free college education’. Is flat bogus and however this college education provided by government. We all are going to pay for that even if you just target those taxes to a certain group of people. So rather than it being a question whether or not we can have free college education in America. Since that is not the question, then the question is how best to pay for the services including the education that we consume. Whether it comes from the public or private sectors.

We can have universal access to higher education in America whether that education is college or not. But we are going to have to pay for it because of course it won’t be free. But we can pay for it in a way that is affordable where all Americans can take some responsibility as. Well as have the freedom to finance their own kids education including low-income students. So every high school graduate that qualifies for a higher education would have that opportunity. To go to a public school or a private school or a Federal academy built around the military academies but we would expand those. You do this by making college financing up to let’s say twenty-one years for each student free for their parents. In the sense they wouldn’t be taxed on the money they would put away and even get a credit for it from the. Federal Government up to a certain point as well as their employers matching it. And they would get a credit for that as well so their payroll costs aren’t increased. And low-income parents would get that credit plus the money they put away back as well so they could. Afford to do this but the parents would manage these accounts themselves.

So what I’m proposing is creating what I call Personal College Savings Accounts or PCSA. To finance college for all qualified high school graduates in America managed by their parents. That would be tax-free as long as that money is spent on nothing but college financing. To go along with expanding our Federal academies and creating a foreign service academy. A homeland security academy, health academy, justice academy. To go to these academies and serve there at least up to a certain point and your college education would be cheaper than it would. Normally be so all qualified high school graduates can go to college in America.


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