Charles Koch Foundation: Video: ‘Economic Freedom in 60 Seconds’: Now what Economic Freedom Really is

Corporate Freedom

Corporate Freedom

Economic Freedom in 60 Seconds – YouTube.

This is the perfect debate because the term economic freedom gets thrown around in America. As much as footballs in arenaball games and if you are not familiar with the. Arena Football League then I guess you just missed that joke. But Republicans talk about economic freedom all the time, partially because a lot of them are not interested in personal freedom.

Both parties the Democrats and Republicans have their own idea of what is economic freedom because. They both believe in Capitalism at least to a large extent. But where they differ is how to get to economic freedom, what do people need to have economic freedom. The Republican Party and not all Republicans essentially believe that if you get government out-of-the-way. Cut regulations to the bare minimum if any and cut government and taxes to the bare minimum. And let the market takeover and run its course that everybody will live in economic freedom. Try explaining that and convincing a single parent with a couple of kids who didn’t finish high or. Just finished high school how that would help him or her. Democrats generally speaking at least in the leadership and Democrats who want to be Democratic leaders. Believe that you need more than that and that you also need some regulations to protect workers, consumers. As well as other companies to prevent monopolies as well as copy right infringements. But you need a strong and effective education and job-training system so all workers can get the. Skills that they need to do well in life and live in economic freedom which is where I come down.

For economic freedom to be real it can’t just cover corporations and other successful business’s. And individuals who were born into wealth or at least to parents who were able to finance their college education. It has to cover the rest of us rather than a small percentage of the people controlling most of the wealth in America. So what it economic freedom, well to put it simply it is the freedom for individuals to control their own. Financial and economic destinies to be able to make their own financial decisions. To be able to pay their own bills and live comfortably not drowning in debt and having to pay high. Taxes and deal with unnecessary regulations or have to live off of public assistance in order to survive. Or have to live check to check but have more than enough money to live well. Cover their own bills, raise their own kids well, put money away and even be able to afford and enjoy at least some of the luxuries in life.

So to say like in this video that if you make thirty-four thousand dollars a year in the United States. You are in the top one percent in the world economically means nothing to an American making thirty-four thousand dollars a year in America. Because they do not pay their bills in the rest of the world by they pay those bills in America. And in America life is pretty tight and even rough because you making roughly sixty-eight cents what the average. American is making but still have that same cost of living as Americans tend to have.


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