Thom Hartmann: ‘White People Don’t Understand White Privilege’

George Zimmerna
What Thom Hartmann doesn’t mention is that no race of people in America knows what it’s like in America for another race. Sure! We have ideas, thoughts, evidence and know people of other races and talk to and listen to them for the most part. But we don’t know until we are in their shoes. But what Thom does instead is singles out one race of people who todays so-called Progressives like to critique and go after the largest target in the United States. So that is my first point.

And my second point about what President Obama said. He’s correct about how some Caucasian-Americans ignorant Caucasians who simply do not know better, have a tendency to look at African-Americans as dangerous and thugs and so-forth especially if they are wearing Hip-Hop, or what is called gangsta gear. But here’s the rest of that true story. So does members of other races of people again out of ignorance who for some of them have those same tendencies as some ignorant Caucasians.

And all the evidence that you need to see to know that is that it’s not just Caucasian cab drivers who drive by African-American men who are wearing business suits. Who are looking for a cab but it is some cab drivers of other races who do the same thing. As well as African immigrant cab drivers who drive by African-American men looking for a cab as well. My main point being that no race in America has a monopoly on ignorance and racism. This is an evil that we all share as a country.


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