David Pakman Show: Kentucky Ending Private Prisons

Profiting From Punishment

Profiting From Punishment

Source: David Pakman Show: Kentucky Ending Private Prisons 

Sanity and reason still alive in Kentucky. Companies shouldn’t be able to make as much money as they can and then lobby to do that by housing people in prison for as long as they can, even if those people do not need to be in prison for that amount of time. Which is what private prisons do. They  try to keep people in prison as long as they can even if they do not need to be in prison. To make money off the backs of American tax payers. Unless you’re an Anarchist you believe that one of the roles of government is law enforcement and corrections. That it’s a job of government to keep violent felons and other felons who represent another threat society, behind bars until their debt is paid and they can show they can function on the outside and not hurt innocent people. Prison is the job of government, not for-profiters.


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